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Brazilian Butt Lift

Now you too can have the curvaceous figure you’ve always wanted with a Brazilian Butt-Lift

The Brazilian Butt-Lift is a procedure that uses liposuction to take fat from one area of your body and redistributed to the buttock region. Fat cells are removed from your abdomen, thigh, or legs. The cells are treated and only the best are chosen to be injected into the buttocks region. Please review the before and after pictures of patients who have had the Brazilian Butt-Lift to see the amazing results of this procedure. Brazilian Butt-Lift surgery is new to the Temecula Region. Temecula Cosmetic is proud to be a pioneer of this extraordinary figure enhancing surgery. Our Patients are reporting a high satisfaction after having a Brazilian Butt-Lift.

What is the cost of having a Brazilian Butt-Lift in Temecula?

For a short time only the cost of a Brazilian Butt-Lift is only $1995 plus the cost of liposuction.

Is the Brazilian Butt-Lift right for me?

People may choose to have a Brazilian Butt-Lift for a variety of reasons. Some choose to do so for purely aesthetic reasons. They want more curves to their butt region. Others may want to use it to correct what is sometimes referred to as a flat butt. If you fall into either of these categories you may be a good candidate for a Free consultations are available to those who may want to enhance their figure through a Brazilian Butt procedure.

Where in Temecula can I have a Brazilian Butt-Lift procedure?

Temecula Cosmetic offers Brazilian Butt-Lift consultations at our Temecula office. We perform the surgeries in our La Mesa office which has a fully accredited on site operating room for your surgery. No hospital visit required. Contact us for a Free consultation on your Brazilian Butt-Lift.

Do you offer financing for a Brazilian Butt-Lift procedure?

Yes we offer financing for all patients.Contact our Temecula office for more details.


  • Allison Justwingingit WilsonAllison Justwingingit Wilson

    Dr. Sarosy was absolutely great and so was all the personnel during the procedure! They even called me on the 3rd day after my surgery just to make sure i wasnt in too much pain! I am absolutely happy with the results aswell! I couldnt have asked for better!

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  • Amber RobertsAmber Roberts

    I had such a great experience with this Dr! After having many consults I was lucky enough to find them!!! The staff and Dr went above and beyond to make me comfortable and I am 100% happy with my results! Thank you guys again!

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  • Carissa BribiescaCarissa Bribiesca

    Went in for a consultation today after going to many places and I'm so glad I found the place to do my surgery. Great atmosphere I instantly felt comfortable and I just can't wait.


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  • Castle DanielsCastle Daniels

    Love Dr. Sarosy and his whole office stuff! They are so easy going, great communication, and quick to respond to all your questions and follow up with you every step of the way during and after your procedure! Would definitely recommend to anyone I know!

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Financing Options


• Special financing on purchases of $250 or more.
• Credit lines up to $25,000.
• Fixed rates and monthly payments – no surprises.
• Early payoff option to avoid interest charges.

United Medical Credit

• Funding for a variety of procedures including face lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction.
• Affordable monthly payments.
• Multiple loan term plans to choose from.
• Interest-free financing options.

Other Credit Providers

  • Prosper Healthcare
  • CareCredit
  • LendingUSA

Prepayment Plan

With a $1,000 down payment, you can secure your date for surgery and make monthly payments up until your pre-op date. We are happy to move your procedure date far enough into the future to make your payments affordable and convenient.

Free After Care

All cosmetic procedures receive free aftercare!

Following the cosmetic surgery procedure, patients’ can rest with ease knowing they will receive free aftercare which includes a Client Care Coordinator who will stay be there every step of the way during the healing process along with nursing support from qualified and experienced staff. Additional hospital stays, emergency telephone support, surgical coverage for 3 months.

Remember, many of our staff have undergone similar procedures themselves and enjoy the opportunity to answer questions and discuss their personal journey. Come meet our staff!